Yellow Tang Software (YTS) develops Internet-based solutions that help SCUBA diving operators organize and centralize the information about their business and their customers. YTS helps diving operators maintain a personalized relationship with SCUBA divers, making their experiences efficient, timely, accurate and informative.  
  YTS develops Calypso, a web-based scheduling and reservation system that lets SCUBA diving operators schedule, organize and track dives, classes, trips, divers and equipment. Calypso has a customer facing application that lets visitors book and pay for their own dives, classes and trips.  
Do your employees spend too much time answering customer phone calls or emails about your dive schedule?
Can you access a dive roster with your customer's info, equipment and measurements anytime anywhere?
Are you able to manage your customer's data, their reservations and history without maintaining a server and without hiring a programmer?
Find the answers with Yellow Tang Software's Calypso
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