Calypso An Internet-based scheduling and reservation system designed for dive operators to manage dive trips, bookings, divers, staff, equipment, and boat operators from the time of booking until the time of the dive.

This system is provided as an ASP (Application Service Provider) hosted service, making it affordable and easily accessible for dive operators with a minimal initial investment and no need to for a full-time system administrator.

There is no software to install or server to purchase. Calypso is an easy-to-use web application that can be intertwined with your existing website. In this way, Calypso would handle the complex database-driven operations on your site.

  Feature Benefit (for Operator) Benefit (for Diver)
Internet-based, hosted Service No software to install. Accessible anytime, anywhere by multiple people simultaneously. Accessible anytime, anywhere.
Dive, Class and Trip Scheduling Reduces number of calls and emails to inquire about schedules. No need to visit, call or email for schedules. Accessible anytime.
Calendar View Improves business planning. User friendly way to vizualize upcoming dives, classes or events in real time.
Party and Diver Shopping Cart Avoids double bookings or mis-bookings Succint and quick way to register.
Dive Assignment and Space Management Avoids overbookings. No surprises about space availability.
Diver Measurements and Equipment Tracking Avoids errors in improper equipment. Succint way to request equipment that will fit .
Pre-Dive Roster for Divemasters (Worksheet) Organizes in one sheet all registered divers and their equipment.  
Post-Dive Notes Provides a way to give dive info to divers after a dive even when they are back home. No more empty log entries. Provides a way to stay in touch with divemaster and buddies.
Safe and Secure Online Payments via Paypal Avoids errors like unpaid services. Speeds up funds to a bank account upfront. Provides reconciliation reports. Convenient way to pay upfront. No need to carry cash or credit cards to the shop.
SCUBA-oriented Customer Database Detailed scuba-oriented data. Customer profile ready.  
Email Notifications NEW Instant notification when customer registers. Can be configured to send a message to your mobile phone.  
Administration Tools NEW Tools to manage staff and notifications  
Multiple Location Management NEW Allows a multi-location organization schedule its dives or classes on a list that can be filtered by location Allows customers to focus on a particular location of an organization
Online Invoicing NEW Generates an invoice ready to be printed Show customers the exact invoice they obtained online.
Cash and Credit Card Register NEW Records non-Paypal payments for any reservation Allows customers to pay cash or with other means and still keep accurate accounting.

See pricing list.

  Calypso's easy-to-use screens allows you to create your entire dive calendar by pointing and clicking. Calypso uses an intuitive calendar-like interface as a center from which you can create a dive entry, register a diver and check the status of bookings. Your customers can then view your scheduled dives on a public version of the calendar available on your website and can make reservations using a shopping cart and checkout procedure. A potential customer can even reserve a space and pay online using a major credit card.

  Dive Calendar: Allows you to visualize your dives in the upcomings days, weeks or months. Each dive can be edited by clicking on the blue link. The yellow book icon pops up the Worksheet, which allows you to see the diver roster for that dive. The number that looks like a fraction indicates the number of spaces booked vs. the spaces available. This screen allows you to see at a glance your used and forecasted capacity giving you a great tool that helps you decide whether you need a marketing campaign to fill future available spaces.

  Dive List: Allows you to also see upcoming dives as in the Dive Calendar, but in a list format. This list provides details like site name, date, time, skill level, and booked vs. available spaces. From this list you can also launch the Worksheet, the roster for a specific dive.

  Party List: Allows you to see all parties that have been registered. A party is defined as one or more persons. This is the first step to create your own SCUBA-oriented customer database.

  Payment List: Allows you to see all parties that have made online payments. The payment detail indicates the name of the party, the number of member in the party, amount paid and specific dives that were paid for. This generates invoices for you automatically.

  Worksheet: Allows you to also see all parties registered for a particular dive. The roster details party, its members and their equipment needs including tank and weights, BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask fins and snorkel. It also stores measurements for each person in a party. A very useful tool for Divemasters in the field that can be accessible anywhere.

  Dive Calendar (Public Version): Allows a visitor of your website to see your scheduled dives. This is the public version of your Dive Calendar. It displays each dive with its time, a link to a description of the dive site and a one-click capability to book a dive by adding it to the shopping cart. This is what a visitor to your web site would see, succinct and precise scheduling information that can save you hours from phone inquiries.

  Dive List (Public Version): Similar to the Dive Calendar, but in a list format. Each dive is displayed with its dive location, date, time, and skill level. To do a reservation, a visitor would add a dive to the shopping cart from this list with one click. The shooping cart then leads the visitor to a checkout procedure that allows the visitor to pay online with a credit card, freeing you up from onerous credit card transactions over the phone.

Any reservation or transaction that a visitor makes would then be reflected on your Party and Payment screens. This allows you to monitor your business anywhere anytime with an Internet connection.