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In response to: Underwater Digital Techniques with Jack and Sue Drafahl

matematik özel ders [Visitor] ·
thank you for sharing this. this is very good info ;) i will follow your blog..
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In response to: Encounters in Unexpected Places

Dennis [Visitor]
Wow, I dive in Wisconsin i wish i saw sweet stuff like this. Great pictures by the way.
Happy Diving,
scubagearreview blogspot com
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In response to: Review of Captain Don's and the Drafahl's Digital Photo Adventure

Fascinating blog......lots of essential things that could be acquire..

keep up the good work....thanks...
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In response to: Arriving to CocoView, Roatan

Central America Property
I am very happy that not everything online is garbage and junk. Thanks for the post.
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In response to: My First Shark Dive

Who can not be blown away by the beauty of the these creatures, it still amazes me how many people still think all sharks are like the film jaws blood thirsty, killers and of course they do kill, but unlike humans its only hunger or fear maybe we could learn from them?
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In response to: Review of Captain Don's and the Drafahl's Digital Photo Adventure

Bonnielynn Brankey [Visitor] ·
Sounds like you had a great time in Bonaire!! I was there a few years ago and stayed at Divi Plaza.
I have heard lectures by Sue and Jack at OWU (Our World Underwater, Chicago), but have never dove with them. I too took a u/w photography Super Session with Cathy Church at Sunset in Grand Cayman. Even though we were 9 in the class, it felt like one on one, with the individual attention she gave to us all.
By the way, GREAT photos of the Flamingo Tongue and Drum fish!!
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In response to: Last Day of Diving

peter hanse [Visitor] ·
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In response to: Review of CocoView Resort

Michel [Visitor] ·
Wow..... just one word....

and A BUNCH of others. What a nice setup you guys have there!

Warm regards,

Michel Wouterse
PADI CD-956249
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In response to: Arriving to Bonaire - Macro Capital of the World

Michel Wouterse [Visitor] ·
What an excellent pictures! I have not had the pleasure to take pictures like this on Utila unfortunately (yet....that is)
I really like your turtle picture!

Warm regards,
Michel Wouterse
PADI CD-956249
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In response to: Boarding the Nekton Rorqual

Marijanus [Visitor]
Hello all

Excellent site. It was pleasant to me.
Michael Kulbarsch
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In response to: Review of CocoView Resort

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals - Beach Villa Rental [Visitor] ·
Costa Rica Vacation Rentals - Beach Villa Rental
Great Blog, keep up the good work!
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In response to: Review of CocoView Resort

Jon - The DC Traveler [Visitor] ·
Great review. I've always wanted to dive CocoView. Nice to see a place where Nitrox is readily available too.
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In response to: Review of CocoView Resort

Hotel Reservations [Visitor] ·
Hotel Reservations
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In response to: Extra Activities at CocoView

benhurjun [Visitor] ·
Vere is your tag?!
hahaha, funny!
Cheers bro!
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In response to: Review of CocoView Resort

Great dive report. I'm hopng to get to CocoView in the next 6 months.
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In response to: Review of CocoView Resort

ScubaTux [Visitor] ·
Wow! Great coverage, thanks for the detailed post.

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In response to: Boat Dive Special

mark [Visitor]
If you had some time, I had a few questions about digital cameras that I would like to ask you. Gregg Fox recomended you and said you were quite knowledgeable. Please mail me back at the above address. Thanks.
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In response to: Arriving to CocoView, Roatan

cowdog [Visitor]
What an informative, organized and thoroughly enjoyable trip report. Thanks for taking the time to "do it right"!
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In response to: Photo Course with Marty Snyderman

Ter Step [Visitor] ·
This is a great tutorial for under-water photography. It has a lot of insite. In Scuba Forums I'm going to recommend people check out this posting in your blog.
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In response to: Waking up to a 5-dive Day

Dave [Visitor]
Great article; very informative. I'm going on the Pilot in June. Any suggestions, things you wished you brought or did? What camera did you use? Did you need an external flash? Was the Nitrox worth the extra cash? Seems high for the lower percentage. Can't decide. Thanks for your help.
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